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Automotive Technology
Computer Technology
Electrical Technology
Technologies we offer
Mechanical Technology
R.A.C. Technology
Electronics Technology
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge”
Proverbs 1:7
Mission Statement
Our Vision
"To create a platform of learning and wholesome development of an individual to be
equipped for a challenging future."
"The mission of St. Patrick's Institute of Science & Technology is to provide an opportunity to every individual, through technical education and training, whereby every graduate steps out of this institute with a technical
skill. Our mission is also to teach and inculcate values so that every individual is honed into a valuable
human being along with being equipped to fend for himself in this increasingly competitive and
demanding world.
Admissions we offer
Lower Classes V - VIII
T.S.C Class IX
D.A.E Class XI
Short Courses
Admissions are open to any individual irrespective of their race or creed at the
end of each academic year.

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